Small Magical Unicorn - *Special Edition Rose Gold Plated* reduced from £42

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The elegant, solid silver, rose gold-plated unicorn pendant is perfect if you love unicorns and would like a smaller piece of jewellery that can be worn every day.

Unicorns are loved the world over. These mythical creatures are not only elegant and beautiful, but they carry great symbolic power and meaning.

Unicorn energy is said to enable us to open our eyes to see possibilities and to tap into our inner wisdom to take advantage of them. Giving us the power to believe anything is possible.
Wear your magical unicorn whenever you feel doubt coming over you, either in your own capabilities or in the future outcome of something you desire, just breathe in deeply and feel faith filling you up. Your unicorn will remind you that it is impossible for you not to believe.

Unicorns are a symbol of purity, grace and mystical healing powers. Unicorn horns are said to be harder than diamonds and to be able to neutralize poisons. Unicorn tears were said to heal both physical wounds and sorrows of the heart.

Seeing a unicorn in a dream or symbolically indicates you may have a wish granted very soon.

Unicorns are a symbol of freedom. They are often shown on heraldry and in paintings with a collar and a broken chain, indicating that they have freed themselves from bondage and cannot be re-captured ever again.

Cast in 925 Sterling Silver (plated with rose gold) from a hand-carved original masterpiece by Natalia. This beautiful pendant comes complete with a rose gold-plated chain measuring 18 inches in length and is supplied in a suede pouch.

Pendant dimensions:
Weight: 4.2gm
Measurements: approximately 3cm x 1.5cm
Pendant Metal: 925 Sterling silver plated with 2 microns of rose gold
Chain: 18 inches - Rose gold-plated steel