Tiny Talisman - 'Joy' Pendant (Sterling Silver)

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This tiny talisman is a beautiful new addition to Natalia's Chakra range of jewellery, cast in sterling silver from a handmade original masterpiece.

The 'Joy' design is based on the symbol for the Sacral Chakra. This is the second chakra in the body and is related to:

Intimate relationships
Living in the moment
Inner peace

The style and size of this pendant is perfect if you like to wear a much smaller scale of jewellery and is an ideal piece of jewellery for a man to wear.

Your pendant comes complete with an 18" 925 sterling silver chain and is presented in a soft, suede jewellery pouch.

Approximately 2cm x 2cm
Weight 3.5gm
Chain: 18 inches - 925 Sterling Silver

Why I created this piece in silver:
Silver is one of the noble metals; the rarest and most precious metals on earth. Silver is the metal of the moon. Like the moon and water, silver is reflective and used to mirror the soul bringing the body and mind into calm and balance.

Our ancient ancestors believed that wearing jewellery made from silver brought the wearer more in tune with the vibrations and flow of the universe. It is the metal of emotions, love and healing.